OctPlot - handle graphics for Octave


For missing 2D graphs use the feature-request page on sourceforge.

3D support will follow after the release 1.0.0. See for more infos the road map site.

Development Team

Project Manager:
 Shai Ayal

Doc & Homepage writer:
 Michael Schmid

 Bruno Roggeri

OctPlot Forums

2 forums are available direct on the OctPlot SourceForge page:
   click here to go to the forums

Octave mailing lists

Octave has several mailing lists with different topics. You won't find any informations about OctPlot in the help mailing list of Octave. For this see OctPlot Forums above!

If you read the Octave mailing lists, read also the graphics list. So you will read, if a new OctPlot release is available. Also there is an option to get a notification from sourceforge!

Click here to go to the mailing lists archive of Octave.